30 Days of Twilight: Day 30 - Favorite Twilight Experience/Memory

30 Days of Twilight: Day 30 - Favorite Twilight Experience/Memory

What will you always remember about your Twilight experience?

This is the last day of our 30 Days of Twilight celebration *sniffles*. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to comment and share your favorites!!! *Hugs* You can read and still comment on all the 30 Days of Twilight posts here.

To close it out we are sharing our favorite Twilight experience or memory or as we like to call them TwiMemories. What will you always remember?

I have so many wonderful Twimemories! Some of my most fun and best memories involve attending the premieres and camping out! I went to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1. Through attending the premieres I made some amazing friends! We will be friends forever. It was such a bonding experience. I also enjoyed meeting all the stars. I've especially enjoyed being a Twilight blogger and of course I will always remember the feeling of reading the books for the very first time and being sucked into this amazing world. 

Here is a rundown of some of the things I will always remember:

When the first blog I blogged for, Cullen Boys Anonymous, got over 1000 hits in a day, Omg we thought we were huge LOL. Driving around Westwood, CA scouting out if any other fans were there for the 1st Twilight premiere and waiting for a line to start. We arrived Friday night and no one lined up until Sunday morning (the premiere was Monday night). My Forks Trip, I made a great FB friend who actually lives in Forks! Going to New Moon Comic Con, where I finally met Alison Genet in person! We became instant friends and planned a huge New Moon premiere party in Arizona. Helping with crowd games and activities at the Peter Facinelli autograph signing & photo op at the AZ State Fair. Camping  for 5 days for the New Moon premiere & finally getting Rob's autograph! Interviewing Stephenie Meyer during Eclipse promo! Attending the mega Eclipse convention in LA. Eclipse director David Slade's autograph signing in at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. The Eclipse Premiere! Interviewing Jackson Rathbone on the Scream Awards red carpet. Jumping in the car and high tailing it to Breaking Dawn Part 1 at Comic Con when we heard a Hall H line. The Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere!

I also loved little things like winning the Twilight trivia contest at the Walmart Eclipse DVD release party, the Bree Tanner book release party at midnight with Alison and about 25 other die hard fans lol, the New Moon DVD release party with Elizabeth Reaser and getting my NM DVD signed by her. 

I have too many memories to list everything. Twilight was such an incredible experience for me! 

Love to you all and thanks for playing along! Now share your favorite TwiMemories in the comments! 

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Comment by Holly D. on December 2, 2013 at 6:39am

My best memory was attending the all day movie marathon with my girlfriends the night BD2 came out.  Such a wonderful experience, and I felt so melancholy afterwards.  Loved the time I spent there, was very sad to see it all end. 

Comment by April Thompson on December 4, 2013 at 6:55am

I was a year late in find Twilight. Believe it or not, especially if you knew me, I was a huge sceptic and hate when people would go on about Twilight. In all honesty I only thought in was a romantic film and im really now it to those. So, the first of my 2 favourite TwiMemories. So there I was on 16th November 2009 in my room and Twilight had just been put on Sky Movies for the first time. I thought to myself 'there's nothing on so I suppose I could watch it'. As soon as I saw Edward Cullen I was hooked (although it took me a couple of watches to figure out that his last name was Cullen, I thought they were saying Collin :D). I was literally looking at how long the film had left every few minutes cuz I didn't want it to end. When it did I immediately search google to see if there was a sequel I was over-joyed to learn that there wasn't just 1 but 3 more sequels ahh. And 4 days later I watched New Moon in the cinema twice. My second favourite TwiMemory is sitting in the cinema on 16th November 2012, Breaking Dawn Part 2, I was so happy to be finally watching my ABSOLUTELY favourite part of the books being played out but incredibly sad that it was going to be over. I went full on out with Twilight stuff on. I had my Volturi contacts in, Bella's wedding and engagement rings on, her St Jude bracelet and Eclipse charm bracelet on. the Volturi necklace on, was wearing a BDP1 Edward t-shirt and a Breaking Dawn hoodie. I was the only one in the cinema that had put that much effort in to make it special, I was shocked especially seeing as it was the first night that the film had been in the cinema. I remember tearing up as soon as the final scenes were playing out, when Jasper is saying goodbye to Charlotte and Peter and completely broke down when Bella was showing Edward her memories, as I was watching the whole Saga flash before my eyes and realising that was it, the Saga was coming to an end :'(

Comment by Salena Smith Cullen on December 4, 2013 at 1:55pm

April Thompson, I was also a year late with the whole *Twilight* phenomenon. After *Twilight* came out on dvd all 3 of my teenage kids (At the time) kept telling me about this vampire movie. My daughter knew all about it, but my boys had only watched the dvd. I finally sit down and watched *Twilight* about 7 times! :) (Can you say obsessed!) This was same time *New Moon* came out in theaters. I was talking to my sister about watching *Twilight* and she said, "I thought you already knew about it"! I told her I would love to see *New Moon* she said her husband, daughter and herself had already seen it. but, she would go with me to see it again. After watching *New Moon* her daughter (My niece) told me "you have to read the books they are so much better than the movies!" Now at this time I did not read! I really didn't like to read!. After seeing *New Moon* I wanted so bad to see what would happen next after Edward ask Bella to marry him! Well I borrowed *Eclipse* and read it in 24hrs. Then *Breaking Dawn* read it in 2 days! After, I read *Twilight* it took 24hrs.! and then *New Moon* took 24hrs! Needless to say I ended up reading the series 2 more times and then went and bought my own . Since then I have read the series at least 10 times! When the movie *Eclipse* came out I was there for the Midnight Showing and then I took my niece to the 1st showing the next day! I took my husband that night and I took my 3 kids each one separately and also my friends separately. I think I seen *Eclipse* over 20 times before it left the theater. I did the same for *Breaking Dawn Pt.1* and when *Breaking Dawn Pt.2* came out I spent the day at the *Twilight Marathon*! I bawled like a baby at the end of *Breaking Dawn Pt.2* :"(  I also was at every Dvd *Midnight Release* well except for *Twilight* After I read the *Twilight*series over 10 times. I started going to the library looking for more *Vampire Love Stories* My niece had a series called the House of Night series. after reading her 5 books (at that time) I bought the series and started collecting the new books, which is now at 11 books. with only one more left that comes out in 2014'. So if I read a series that I like so much that I will read it again. I would  buy that series. I now have 2 big bookshelves full of nothing but, Paranormal love stories and I love to read! :) I'm so glad I watched that 1st movie that lead to reading the book and now I'm a book worm and it all started with a movie called *Twilight!!*


Comment by Rita Curry on December 4, 2013 at 2:25pm

Selene Smith Cullen, their are a lot of vampire love stories out there for you to read. The Vampire Diaries is great, and a real love story. There are 20 books out right now. Then there are, the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and I think 14 out and almost finished. Both have been made into TV dramas, and 1 spin off. If you like to read about, vampire love, both are very good. I'm sure there are many more of this type out there, for everyone, into this type of book. The forbidden love, between vampire and human, is a book full of emotions, overflowing. I hope you find a new series to read, but none will, match Twilight!!!

Comment by Paula on December 4, 2013 at 3:21pm

Salena and Rita.................you need to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J R Ward.  There are currently 11 books in the series and a 12th will be out in March.  It starts with "Dark Lover" about a vampire King coming to "be" and the brotherhood that protects their species.  Each book that follows focuses on a different "brother" and they are all yummy.   If I hadn't gotten involved in the Twilight fandom, I never would  have come across this series.

Comment by Rita Curry on December 4, 2013 at 3:53pm

Paula, I have heard of this series, but no time for a new one yet. I have some, on my kndle for pc that are different authors, and will read as soon as time allows. I have several of, TVD's, yet to read and, 2 or 3 of, Sookie Stackhouse, left. I have had to back off of my reading for a while due to my eyes. New glasses have been waiting a week or so, to be picked up, but so many other, more important matters have kept me busy. Will get all read in time, though, when my world calms down some. Thanks for the the heads up though. I will check them out sometime, to try. Have a great week.

Comment by Salena Smith Cullen on December 4, 2013 at 5:20pm

Paula, I have read the 1st 7 books in the *Black Dagger Brotherhood* series and I'm currently reading book 8 *Lover Avenged*! I love this series! and yes! They are Yummy! :D

Comment by April Thompson on December 5, 2013 at 7:31am

Salena Smith Cullen Obsessed is fine to say haha. I have watched New Moon over 250 times, I have actually lost count the exact amount but the last time I new to exact amount was just over 250 time. This is because I watch it every time it is on TV and for the first 6 months or so after it TV debut in November 2010 it was on at least twice a day on the movie channels and I watched them. Even though it isn't my favourite of the films, mainly because Edward isn't in it much :)

Comment by Heidi Langston on December 5, 2013 at 7:52pm

My favorite Twilight experiences were going to Twilight Night in Dallas with a friend from work and winning a signed Eclipse poster and going to the Convention in San Antonio.  I had a lot of fun reading these posts over the last month. 

Comment by Eleeze26 on December 18, 2013 at 2:48pm


I didn't live any of the xperiences you guys did in the US, but here in my country we had all the midnight premieres and the presales and the souvenirs, so every midnight premiere for me was an event to remember, all the fans together, similar reactions in every scene...I'm sure i'll never live something like that even again!!


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