30 Days of Twilight: Day 30 - Favorite Twilight Experience/Memory

30 Days of Twilight: Day 30 - Favorite Twilight Experience/Memory

What will you always remember about your Twilight experience?

This is the last day of our 30 Days of Twilight celebration *sniffles*. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to comment and share your favorites!!! *Hugs* You can read and still comment on all the 30 Days of Twilight posts here.

To close it out we are sharing our favorite Twilight experience or memory or as we like to call them TwiMemories. What will you always remember?

I have so many wonderful Twimemories! Some of my most fun and best memories involve attending the premieres and camping out! I went to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1. Through attending the premieres I made some amazing friends! We will be friends forever. It was such a bonding experience. I also enjoyed meeting all the stars. I've especially enjoyed being a Twilight blogger and of course I will always remember the feeling of reading the books for the very first time and being sucked into this amazing world. 

Here is a rundown of some of the things I will always remember:

When the first blog I blogged for, Cullen Boys Anonymous, got over 1000 hits in a day, Omg we thought we were huge LOL. Driving around Westwood, CA scouting out if any other fans were there for the 1st Twilight premiere and waiting for a line to start. We arrived Friday night and no one lined up until Sunday morning (the premiere was Monday night). My Forks Trip, I made a great FB friend who actually lives in Forks! Going to New Moon Comic Con, where I finally met Alison Genet in person! We became instant friends and planned a huge New Moon premiere party in Arizona. Helping with crowd games and activities at the Peter Facinelli autograph signing & photo op at the AZ State Fair. Camping  for 5 days for the New Moon premiere & finally getting Rob's autograph! Interviewing Stephenie Meyer during Eclipse promo! Attending the mega Eclipse convention in LA. Eclipse director David Slade's autograph signing in at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. The Eclipse Premiere! Interviewing Jackson Rathbone on the Scream Awards red carpet. Jumping in the car and high tailing it to Breaking Dawn Part 1 at Comic Con when we heard a Hall H line. The Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere!

I also loved little things like winning the Twilight trivia contest at the Walmart Eclipse DVD release party, the Bree Tanner book release party at midnight with Alison and about 25 other die hard fans lol, the New Moon DVD release party with Elizabeth Reaser and getting my NM DVD signed by her. 

I have too many memories to list everything. Twilight was such an incredible experience for me! 

Love to you all and thanks for playing along! Now share your favorite TwiMemories in the comments! 

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Comment by Amy Cullen on November 30, 2013 at 6:23am
This has been so much fun! Thank you for doing it :). My best twimemories have to be the feelings I got reading the books the first, second...time, watching Twilight over and over and last but not least going to the Twilight Convention in Baltimore and meeting Peter Facinelli, BooBoo Stewart, Tyson Houseman, Kiowa Gordon, Tinsel Korey and Sam Uley. All such great and funny guys, so down to earth and humble. I will never forget it and will cherish it always
Comment by Titania Volturi~Cullen on November 30, 2013 at 6:33am

For me it was knowing that that kind of epic love is still possible for me.  I was 37 when I began reading Twilight.  To "meet" the characters in the first 2 movies, then I began to read the books at the end of 2009.  They gave me hope again and to discover I adored Carlisle and wanted him and Esme to adopt me!  I wish I had parnets like that. Carlisle is kind of like the Jedi Master of Twilight and to fall in love with Aro - he's so interesting and peppy!  I feel Aro is not so much evil, but be does abuse power and as Michael Sheen said in a recent interview had probably read all the good literature, poetry in the world and is bored and maybe reads trashy romance "Fabio" novels, LOL!  (Not that he'd ever admit that in a million years - quite literally, lol) I wanted to show Aro my world - to me he's like a vulnerable frightened child and I'd like to show him that he doesn’t have to be scared or "acquire" anymore power - and to use it wisely :) and to open him to a new world and to feel cherished by him, not just for my power of empathy, but my uniqueness and to give him the love that he craves. 

Twilight made me feel wanted, something which I have never felt in my life.


Comment by joanna whitehead on November 30, 2013 at 7:08am

My favorite memories are going to a few convention's, getting to meet some of the actors. Also going to the real Forks, WA and all the Twilight filming locations. Making lots of amazing new friends in the past couple years.

Comment by Rita Curry on November 30, 2013 at 8:18am

Joanna Whitehead, I have read the beach at Forks, is the best, for surfing, in the, US. I'm sure it was a great trip for you. As far as memories go, I loved the books, but has been, 3 or 4 yrs. ago since I finished them. Of course I had never heard about Twilight, until my Grand Daughter told me about it. Just happened the first 3 movies were playing on TV, one night, and she showed me how to record them on my new TV. So of course I watched all of those over & over. The next day I went to the book store and got all 4 books, and started reading them. After watching, Twilight, I was hooked. I was not anywhere close to anything, like premiers or, conventions, so watched them here. The only movies I saw at the theater were, Breaking Dawn 1 and 2. It was amazing to see on the big screen. I have so many books written about Twilight, and directors books, along with my other books, they fill up 3 bookshelves, up & down, and 3 across, with all of my other, Vampire series, of books. Twilight, is my favorite though, and will always be that way. It's an amazing journey to take, and though It is over, I will always have the memories of seeing it for the first time, and how it moved me. The forbidden love story, of all time!

Comment by StephyLuvsB&E on November 30, 2013 at 8:20am

First and foremost, I must give a HUGE "THANK YOU" to you Kim!! This has been the best 30 days of November ever with every single blog you posted!! Cannot believe it is already Day 30 and tomorrow is December 1st. I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Well, as for my favorite TwiMemories, where do I begin? Oh I know ... when I was first introduced to the first "Twilight" movie at a friend's house back in March 2009. They rented the movie and we all watched it. What I did not realize, but my friends did, was that I was really into the movie. I got hooked and kept my eyes glued to every scene throughout the movie. Edward had my full attention and when him and Bella were together ... absolutely stunning magic and chemistry between them!! I had not seen any romantic love like that since Jack and Rose from "Titanic". I remember watching the iconic Meadow scene and my friends were like "Stephanie is really into this movie". There was something about the moment that captured my full attention!
As soon as the movie was over, I knew I had to read all the books. I got my sister to see the movie and once she loved it, she bought all four books and we spent the whole summer of 2009 reading them. I had a "Twilight" summer of reading! Staying up late all night just wanting to know what was going to happen next. I fell in love with each and every character that I was introduced in the books and looked forward to the next chapters in Bella and Edward's lives together. I loved them! Truly and absolutely fell in love with them and their storyline that was being portrayed. Deep down, I wished I had something similar to that in my life (and still do).
I watched the MTV Movie awards later that year and saw the very first trailer of "New Moon" and an incredibly thrilling feeling came over me!!!!!!!!! I cannot describe the excitement I felt and the anticipation of the second film being released in November 2009 was something else. 
I soon discovered this Twifans site ... the BEST discovery ever!! I followed every blog that featured every new still and trailer from the entire saga!! Cannot describe the excitement I felt as I saw them before my very eyes. I for one could not wait not till the movies come out, so I wanted these sneak peeks and glimpses how everything unfolded! I cannot even tell you how many hours I spent on this site every singe day and night, but it was soo worth it!!!!
I am grateful that I was able to introduce other friends to this phenomenal Saga and see them make moving and heartfelt "Twilight" fan-made music videos, especially of our beloved Edward and Bella!! I would have great conversations with them too and still do to this day.
All in all, I truly appreciate all of the fans who had the opportunity to attend all of the movie premieres and Twi-Conventions at Comic-Con, then share heir experiences on this site. I never had the opportunity to attend those events nor meet any of the actors, but reading about them and seeing the pictures made me feel I was there!!!!! Absolutely incredible!!! 
I apologize if this was a long post, but the "Twilight" Saga has such a special, special place in my heart and it is something that I will never let go of!! It is permanently locked tight and will not be removed. I can honestly say this was best escape from reality for the time being for myself.
Lastly, the BIGGEST THANKS from the bottom of my heart for the introduction "Twilight" along with everyone who was a part of it!!!!!
These are memories I will treasure forever!!!!

Comment by Patty Presley on November 30, 2013 at 8:56am

This has been a lot of fun and some of my favorite moments come from meeting new friends from all over the place. I haven't met a lot of my now close friends but we talk daily online. 

I've also gotten some unique opportunities due to twilight. First of all, I met a friend who lives very close to me. We went together in 2011 to a 100 Monkeys concert, where she won backstage passes and we met Jackson Rathbone (and the other band members). I had fun winning trivia at dvd release parties on trivia. Running my own fanpage and admining for fan pages on facebook. And finally, one of the other coolest things was meeting Patrick Brennan, Marlane Barnes, and Lisa Howard at the DVD release party for Breaking Dawn Part 2 and getting my dvd signed by them. 

I've also had fun and expanded my collection so much by winning several different contests. I've won items signed by Stephenie and I even have the score to BD 1 signed by Bill Condon. 

I had tons of fun at the last saga marathon (when BD 2 released), it was awesome to have people shouting at the screen during the movies and kidding around. I will miss having that to share with like minded people. 

Thank you for hosting this unique tribute/look back on the saga. It's been a blast reliving all these moments and sharing my thoughts with everyone! I will always be grateful for the memories and friends I've made due to the saga! 

Comment by Louise Stevens on November 30, 2013 at 10:11am

It is going to sound kinda strange, but after my husband died, I had to pack up our apt. and get out in 2 weeks to move in with my mom (that is a story on its own) Well as I did this and later on after I unpacked, I read the parts in New Moon where Bella talks about missing Edward. They helped say what I couldn't.

Comment by Whitewolf (Melissa) on November 30, 2013 at 10:57am
My favorite twilight experiences is when my frown first introduced me to the book and I was so hooked I read it in a day and the other three books followed soon after!(: then for the movies I saw advanced showings and I always waited in line for like eight to twelve hours bu it was fun cuz I was surrounded by other twilight fans and I had an amazing time and my mom was with me through all of it the movies went in order with my high school years so each year I had something to look forward to and twilight WAS my high school life lol. When I saw breaking dawn part two I sobbed like all through the end cuz it was over but those are great memories!!!(: <3
These have been a great 30 days so thank u!!(:
Comment by Jessica Mae Burnham on November 30, 2013 at 3:09pm

My favorite memories was being part of the premieres :). Meeting wonderful people, telling stories while waiting for the movies to begin, eating snacks, sitting about with a close friend and buying cool stuff. It was cold times but It was worth it. Thank you for the moments! I am so glad I was part of this saga.  

Comment by Rita Curry on November 30, 2013 at 3:29pm

 Melissa, this has been a fun time, these last, 30 days. Hope this happens again, in the future. As, Twilight Dyehards, we look forward to this type of thing again, someday. Thanks to all of you that had this idea, and brought it to life. Thank you everyone.


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