30 Days of Twilight: Day 23 - Favorite Twilight Saga Souvenir

30 Days of Twilight: Day 23 - Favorite Twilight Saga Souvenir

What is your favorite Twilight Saga souvenir, merchandise, memento?

What Twilight Saga item from your collection do you treasure the most?

Are you a Twilight hoarder? I am! I have kept & collected so much twilight merchandise it's not even funny! Everything from autographs to magazines, dolls and lunch boxes etc. 

It's hard for me to pick just 1 item! 

Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Twilight Saga White Books. These are beautiful!!! Given to me my the amazing Alison Genet! Thank you Ali!

My Twilight "Read" poster from the American Library Association. I was able to get this autographed by Stephenie Meyer at the BDP1 premiere:

New Moon premiere red carpet piece. Best premiere ever for many sweet reasons! It was so epic, afterwords, when we saw them tearing up the red carpet we grabbed a piece:

These are just a few of my Twilight treasures. I treasure every friend, photo, autograph and memory! #TwilightForever

Please share your favorite souvenir in the comments! We love each and every comment! 

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Comment by Titania Volturi~Cullen on November 23, 2013 at 4:59am

I adores the Cullen jewellery form the first movie, especially Alice's choker, Carlisle's ring & Esme's necklace.  I also live the jewellery boxes.  I have the ones that say "I already think of you as part of the family" from Esme as I adore the Cullens and the Forever one, which I custom made into an Aro one for me ;) I also love the Cullen crest locket I put a Volturi necklace next to my Cullen locket and wear them together.  (Aro and Carlisle are inside the locket) I  love my vintage look dark silver Cullen key ring with the apple. I also have a Volturi key ring (to which I added a golden pomegranate charm) I love my Cullen crest bag dangle and custom made a Volturi one as well.

I adore my Twilight & New Noon bed spreads.  Also from New Moon I love the Volturi necklaces and Godiva chocolates, lol!!!!   I have New Moon Carlisle + Aro vinyl posters/banners.  I like the Twilight bookmarks and custom did up my Aro one and gave it a lovely vintage feel :)  I liked the Twilight journals.  I like have a lovely Cullen crest pen and custom made a Carlisle + Aro one.  I like the Cullen/Volturi socks and T-shirts.  I adore my New Moon band aids, hilarious seeing it's a Vampire saga, hehe!   I cherish my big blue (expensive) Cullen cushion and plan to custom make an elegant Volturi one.  I ADORE the Twilight make-up range, especially the Volturi and the Cullen Nox and my New Moon Cullen lion make-up bag to which I gave a new, elegant chain  and added miniature Cullen and Volturi crests, I adore customizing stuff!

I named my Vampire bunny (which I got in Easter on 2010) Carli after Carlisle as he's vegetarian too - only eats chocolate and drinks hot choc & choc milk. lol ;) and my Vamp Bear is Ari, after Aro.  He & Carli are BFF's!  I’m a big kid, lol!

I also love Twilight inspired stuff like "Real Vampires sparkle" stuff!


Comment by POTO on November 23, 2013 at 6:59am

I too have the white book set but I ordered it through Amazon UK and had it sent to me here in Idaho.  I never thought it would available in the US.  Then they went and added in the 5th book and you can't get it unless you order the set.  Oh Well. 

I think my favorite item is my original books.  Very well loved looking now but still they are what opened the door to this world for me.

By the way - is that a MINI Cooper that red carpet is laying on?  I recognize it because I drive one and so does my husband. I avatar is a clip of her boot with the wording "Driving like a Cullen = $206". Yes driving 24 miles over the speed limit (out on a country road) will cost you $206.00 where I live.  But damn it was fun!

Comment by Kim on November 23, 2013 at 7:12am

Yes POTO that is a mini cooper! Alison Genet owned one when we had our New Moon premiere road trip back in 2009. We drove from AZ to Cali in it to attend the premiere. It was so much fun!

Comment by joanna whitehead on November 23, 2013 at 7:38am

Twilight Convention photo op pics and the t-shirts. Also making new friends. 

Comment by April Thompson on November 23, 2013 at 7:45am

I have so many things that I have collected over the years, I don't think I could chose so i'll list all the things I have :) I have a lot of posters and all the books, not the white ones unfortunately, all the DVD's, the soundtracks and scores, Twilight Scene It on Nintendo DS, Eclispe 'Bella' body mist, Immortal perfume, Bella's wedding ring and engagement ring from BDP1/2, an Eclipse mug that came with an Eclipse Easter egg, 4 collectable sweet tins, Bella's charm bracelet, Bella's St Jude bracelet, Volturi necklace, a heart shaped locket with Edward inside, I have had all the calendars except Twilight one, a few magazines, the Twilight graphic novels, hopefully getting the New Moon vol 1 graphic novel for xmas, BDP2 jewellery box, and finally, ok these are probably my favourite, limited edition BDP1 and BDP2 film cell presentation boards. These have got small poster prints from the 2 films signed by the Cullen cast and Taylor, and down the sides of the posters are 6 film cells from the movies.

Comment by StephyLuvsB&E on November 23, 2013 at 7:53am

My favorite itmes are the following:

1) All four books

2) DVDs

3) Replica of Bella's wedding ring featured in "Breaking Dawn Parts 1&2"

4) The first Edward and Bella Christmas ornament

5) Two of the "Eclipse" blankets featuring Edward, Bella, and Jacob

6) The "Breaking Dawn" blankets of Edward from both Parts 1 and 2

7) A 3-D picture frame of Edward, Bella, and Jacob with that promo image of them from "New Moon". When you turn your head at different angles, you see either Edward's face or Jacob's face, and then both of them at the same time

8) All companion books from each film

9) Every single magazine that included all the posters as well

Comment by Paula on November 23, 2013 at 8:02am

I really don't have any souvenirs; but I do treasure all four of my original Twilight books and I do mean ORIGINAL.  They are in such tattered condition, but it just shows how much use they've gotten over the years. :)

Comment by Amy Cullen on November 23, 2013 at 8:10am

Oh this is a good one! I too am a Twi-hoarder and have kept everything!!  These are my faves, but I also have a wolf pack handbag, ne moon messenger bag, edward lunch box, water bottles, posters, blannkets, companion books and of course the movies and books that I love too!

Comment by Amy Cullen on November 23, 2013 at 8:12am

And all my shirts and of course....

Comment by Amy Cullen on November 23, 2013 at 8:23am

I also have a signed pic from BooBoo, a Team BooBoo pin, a Team Edward except when Jacob's shirtless pin lol, trading cards, Sky candy bars and a onesieI kept I bought for my son, that said "Being a Twilight fan gets me chicks" lo...who am I kidding I LOVE IT ALL :)


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