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Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
Black ( ineed of a Rob Fix )
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
Edward( And LOVED every moment of it !!!!) lol


What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
READ EVRY BOOK! Some more than others
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
YES!!! Seeing the movies is what started this . You dnt even understand how I feel about my Twilight Movies . It;s deep and it's real . lol

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Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
Iam team take them both , cuz Iam greedy like that ! lolol

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At 3:14pm on November 25, 2012, Jamie Lynn said…

No, I didn't see the marathon. But hey that's what dvd's are for. We'll have them all by this spring. Sadly enough.

So what did you think of the movie? I thought it was well done and loved it. I wish the others would have been that action packed. I'm also glad they didn't really kill off Carlisle and Jasper otherwise the fans would have been majorly ticked. I loved the other vampires in this movie. I wish we could have gotten to see more of them.

Hope things are well. TTYL

At 12:11am on November 13, 2012, BB Cullen said…
I'm good thanks!! How are you??
Sorry for the late reply but I've been quite crazy busy these past few days!! Lol
At 3:46pm on August 27, 2012, Jamie Lynn said…

I'm doing ok, thanks for asking. You?

Thanks:) I made the picture myself on blingee a while back so I decided to take the blingee tag off and use it as my bg. I had no choice in changing the bg. THANK YOU TWIFANS FOR NOT ALERTING US THAT OUR BG'S WERE GOING TO BE DELETED THANKS TO YOUR UNNECESSARY WEBSITE CHANGES!!!! Yeah sorry I was pissed about that for a

OH btw, I'm going to be an aunt. My younger sister is pregnant. It just makes me feel SO old but hey nothing I can do. The deed is

Hope you got your twi fix.:)  I'm excited to see the last movie too, although it'll be a sad experience at the same time. It's crazy how fast the years flew by. No more movies after this :*( and no more books...which makes me really mad and I seriously hope SM changes her mind. I still say she should have wrote at least one more book after breaking dawn. The story just isn't finished. What about the Volturi, they could come back at any time and seek revenge. What about Renesmee and Jacob, what will their relationship be like? Can they even have kids...she left that one unanswered? They're vampires for crying out loud, they live forever the stories are

At 4:27am on May 25, 2012, Jennifer Xiaris said…

Hey, it's been forever (well a year but meh).

How's life? I'm so excited for BD pt2, why the hell isn't it november yet?!?!?!!

At 4:23pm on May 14, 2012, Jamie Lynn said…

Oh yeah, I totally agree. There are so many characters that it'd be easy to make some more movies. Even then, it'd be hard to avoid the Cullens in the story for reasons I'm sure I don't need to explain to you. Taylor said he'd play Jacob again if there were more Twi movies, or at least, that's what I recall in past interviews. I wouldn't mind seeing it but lets face it the movies are over the hype is gone for most so i just don't see it going well. But that doesn't mean the books have to be over. I wish so badly she'd just continue from where BD left off. Hopefully one day soon she will. I still don't know what's going on w Midnight Sun. Last I heard she was going to finish writing it but that's no more than a rumor to my knowledge. If it is true, I would be glad to read it but all in all it's virtually the same story as Twilight but the blanks are filled in w Edward's point of view. I would just love a continuance of the story that way it's all fresh and new. And she left some open ended questions like...will the Volturi come back and finish them off? Can Renesmee have children? if so that 'd be a pretty interesting character in itself a human-vampire-werewolf

At 4:03pm on April 22, 2012, Jamie Lynn said…

Hi BB! I'm doing ok, I guess. You?

I'm glad you're laptop got fixed. I'm sure that sucked not getting on your sites.

There's nothing really exciting in twiworld anymore. It's all coming to an end, sadly. I heard Summit or something might do more of Twilight movies but what's the point since I'm sure the original cast doesn't want to do anymore...or at least most of them don't from what I've heard.

So anything interesting going on in your life?


At 12:27pm on January 13, 2012, clare cullen said…

hey you sorry been a while again, yeah i defo seen breaking dawn absoultly loved it cant belive we have to wait till nov 4 part 2 x

At 5:52am on November 29, 2011, bloom mariel gave BellaBlack a gift
4 my lovely friend ;)
At 9:29am on November 22, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…

Oh I'm trying but it's hard. Went to the doctor so he could help me with my anxiety/panic attacks and he gave me meds that just in ONE DOSE made me feel worse. I stopped taking them even though him and the nurse were pressuring me to keep taking them. According to people on the internet it'll be AT LEAST a week before I come off the withdraw symptoms. All these nasty side effects from one dose. I hate drugs they are dangerous and completely ridiculous. I'll keep trying to research healthier ways to rid myself of this crap. I'd vent more about it but I'm already stressed just from talking about it this much.

At 8:27am on November 22, 2011, Stephella Volturi & friends-muff said…

I've been better, just found out my great aunt passed away and I'm not sure if i'm going to the funeral, I know where it is and all but there are so much to do tomorrow.  I haven't seen the movie yet.  No one wants to take me :((((

At 3:26pm on November 21, 2011, Stephella Volturi & friends-muff said…

long time no see, right?

At 10:41am on November 21, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…

That's why she probably didn't give it to you. You'd do to much mingling and people would miss the jk    I hope you enjoyed the movie. Idk when I'm going to see it. I've been having issues. Don't want to talk about it. Need to remain in a positive place in my mind. Anyway it's really sad for me since I've been waiting for this movie. I've heard plenty of great reviews from friends so it's torture. Hopefully within the next few weeks we can compare Have a great week my friend!

At 3:23am on November 21, 2011, clare cullen said…

hey u ive not been on 4 a while how r u doing


At 9:21am on November 13, 2011, steph guzman said…

At 2:37pm on October 20, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…*x95eLuoJkMbvSCD8UnIXusEKmJLqquHP9fORvVk1b8cJqJfpXBw7zGP/Edward59.gif
At 2:33pm on October 20, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…
Fantasy is a free gift, all i could give please forgive me, so enjoy the photos ;)
At 2:31pm on October 20, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…

I'm so happy for you! Sounds like you had a good birthday, lots of twigoodies. I don't have the Illustrated guide either. Read over some of it tho in the store. I know bad I hope you can get it soon:)
I know, it's comin up fast. I hope it'll be really good!*x95eLuoJkMbvSCD8UnIXusEKmJLqquHP9fORvVk1b8cJqJfpXBw7zGP/Edward59.gif_
At 2:03pm on September 29, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…

At 2:02pm on September 29, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…

Well they didn't improve Carlisle, that's my opinion ofc. Like I said his look in the other movies were pretty consistent and fine just the way it was. They should have left his character look alone. But whatever it's just a movie and a minor detail. I'll get over And that's pretty funny you mention that bc the only character look that should be more mature looking is Bella's. She's the only human who's aging. The rest have had many decades to mature, in which they can't really anyway. They're vampires whose bodies are frozen in time. So yeah bet they didn't think about that, now did Well more nerd power to ya, if you want a hairbrush that says Twilight on it or whatever. Go for it, if it makes you happy it's worth

I know, wth is up with that?! I think they have poster's and calendars but that's about it. They usually got more merchandise than this around movie time. I think the popularity has died down a lot, maybe it has to do with supply and demand. Idk. Whatever it is, I'm sure they'll get more merchandise around November. If not, that would be ridiculous.

Yes, they're called gifs to my knowledge too. I just didn't see any new ones. Are you talking about the sex clip under your playlist? IF so, YES I'm most excited for that part too! I think most Twifans want to see that part the most. I'm just glad we get to see a little something since we got NOTHING in the book. Which made me mad. Not gonna deny I was immature and threw a tantrum about

At 1:56pm on September 23, 2011, Jamie Lynn said…



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