When we asked current TwiFans.com members to tell us what they thought of the site, these are some of the responses we got!!! You are not alone in your obsession, age, or love for Twilight guys here.

I went in stealth mode looking for any information on TWILIGHT that I could find. My mission was simple - keep all of my family & friends in the dark about my obsession! There were sites that were fairly interesting but not what I was looking for. After using several search engines - I luckily stumbled upon www.twifans.com !! Twifans.com looked to be & has proved to be a community of fans that are just as ( & sometimes MORE than) infatuated w/ the TWILIGHT saga as me! I have proudly since burst forth from the closet & proudly proclaimed my fixation w/ all things TWILIGHT!

Daniella Swan *HexaLove*
I do have to say thanks Twifans. So, to be honest I became aware of twilight after I saw the movie, by mistake, and then I was completely in love with Twilight! So this is like my twistory Day 1 Twilight Movie Day 1 (later) googling all twilight Day 2, 3, 4 and 5 Reading all the books Day 6 Reading everything in Steph's site. Day 7 I started developing my Robsession. For the next following months I was reading and talking all the time about twilight thingys, my parents already knew who Edward was and that stuff, but for my bad luck, no one I knew liked it, or they did, but never read the books or stuff... so I was pretty much alone with my twilight obsession... :'( It was pretty sad... because I needed to talk Twilight! And in the middle of re-reading the series, watching all youtube vids and all photos AND wandering around twisites (and I honestly never found something I really liked, I have issues with the exaggerated decorations and excessive adds) and TWI-tters, I followed @twifans and then, www.twifans.com was so pretty! So organized and complete, chat, profiles (bye bye facebook non-twilight fans retards!), news everything... it was like all included in here.. all I can remember is Loving all the posts, (because there was no need to search for new News, because everything was here, photos-thanks to everyone who post amazing photos- scans everything) and also signing in every single day :) I was so so so happy to find people who loved Twilight as much as I did, or even more... and it was so amazing, since knowing real Twihards was like so surreal, and now I have my own Twifamily :) I just don't have to say how much I love the site... because it's kinda obvious... anyway I do LOVE TWIFANS. I do have to say thanks Twifans.

well i signed up like 2 weeks ago so I'm not planning on winning or anything, let the people who are here from a lot time before get the yummy reward :p but i wanted to add my opinion anyway, which i think is pretty much the same to a lot of the ones i read here. usually i don't participate in that many communities (prob because there wasn't something that attracted me the way twilight does :p) i don't have friends who are that obsessed like me. Of course some of them love it and read the book and such, but they would prob think I'm a freak if i started talking about it 24/7 and run away from me looking at me with weird expression XD but its the perfect place where to sign up when u have a sort of obsession like this :D here u can be free of screaming like a retard when u see a RPattz pic like those posted early and not be worried that someone will call a mental hospital and ask them to take u away :) u can talk about anything related to the books cause everyone knows what you ARE talking about, u can use weird words only someone obsessed like u would understand, and laugh at silly things like the maze with Edward and Jacob face... and anxiously wait for Friday nights!!!!!!!! so in the end.. thanks for creating such an amazing community! really loving it even if only a newbie in it but i hope to find a lot of people to chat with :>

well, The whole Twilight Saga is my LIFE, and Twifans just made it 10,000,000 times better for me. i really appreciate that you have made such an awesome site like this where any twilight obsessed fan can just open up on how much they love anything and everything to do with Twilight and not be embarrassed or made fun of because of it.This is the kind of site I've been looking for for a long time. ever since i read the books i wanted someplace where i can just tell people how i feel and what i think, it's not very fun to talk about stuff when it's to friends that aren't very interested, but here, it's the perfect place to make friends and open up I LOVE THIS SITE SO MUCH! from the blogs, to the pictures, following on Twitter and being able to create and design your own profile! it's so awesome to have people relate to you and understand your obsessing. it's hard to find. My room is totally twilight themed, from posters, pictures, magazine cut outs, the books, clothes, jewelry, everything!! Kristen Stewart is my idol. She's unique and she is her own person, doesn't try to be someone she's not, who has her own sense of style and isn't self absorbed like most of celeb teens these days, i'd love to meet her. AND of course i love, Love, LOVE Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. :) My upcoming Christmas list contains 99% Twi-related things. I recently bought a new 16GB i pod touch that has more pictures of actors, scenes, photo-shoots and everything related.. there's more pictures of Rob then there are songs..... and i have a LOT of music.. of course including the twilight soundtrack and score, movie and trailers/clips. I recently was in Vancouver, (which is only a ferry ride away) went shopping for BELLA-style clothes and looked for a few special actors.. *ahem* i found Twifans through Twitter, i follow a bunch of twilight related twitters and Twifans is my absolute FAVORITE!! I'm on this site everyday learning new things about whats going on in filming, new pictures, interesting and fun blogs, just everything. i am so grateful i have somewhere to go and talk to people who are in my same situation that i can talk to and talk about all of the little things that no one else would understand. When i get old enough to travel, i want to go on a trip to Forks, La Push beach, Italy, Seatle, Jacksonville... even though Forks wouldn't be much of a change compared to where i live now.. a small town which is cloudy or raining 95% of the time. All of my friends and family know how much Twilight has become apart of my life, lots of people hate it for some reason but i don't think they know just how amazing this story Stephenie Meyer has created. It's not all just books for me, it's a passion :) THANK YOU TWIFANS for making THE BEST #1 Twilight Fan site EVER! :D

I found TwiFans thru twitter and I love it. I love Domestic Bliss on Fridays you always have all the great info. I'm in my early 40's have a 16 yr old daughter who was way into Twilight before me now she says I'm more obsessed w/it than she is. I have posters all over my room plus I work for Target and they gave me there cardboard signs from the DVD release which are also on my walls and I'm totally in love with Rob would give anything to meet the whole cast including Stephenie Meyer. My co-workers either call me "Twilight" Or "Bella" plus will tease about how the blood is tasting today and go around covering their necks they all know I am so crazy about all things Twilight I've turned about 15 of them to the Twilight side and we all are going to see New Moon at midnight which i bought my ticket for yesterday and plan to see it as many days as possible while it;s in theater. I'm not much of a web or blogger yet but am getting there. I have posted pics on here before of new twilight merchandise I have found. So TwiFans keep posting all the news and pics I will always follow and tell others to follow Now if anything above made you laugh or say "I can relate to that," then this is the place for you and you should join NOW and be part of the conversation!


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Comment by Rose Marie on July 25, 2011 at 9:34pm

I love the twilight sage , the books are awesome an the movies are so fine. I really don't have many twilight fans I can relate too. My children, I think wishes that I would get over this addiction with the twilight madness, but there is no way that is going to happen. I'm hooked, there is no doubt about it. I could care less, as long as I have my twilight sage, the books, movies and soundtrack. I'm a widow, I love the fantasy and the whole other world you can get lost in. The sages makes me feel a lot of how my husband was warm kind an gentle, like the Cullens, like Edward. I truly hope miss Stephanie would write some more books on the Twilight sage. i just can't see them ending in that way, it just has too be more.

Comment by Becky Rivera on July 16, 2011 at 2:00pm
I feel the same as you do.  For the last few years I have been crazy with the books the movies, the pictures, jewlry, postes everything.  My husband is not happy with me, neither is some of my family.  They look at it in a very unhealthy way.  I don't care.  I am 61 and I loveeee Itttt.  Im glad that you feel the same.
Comment by Patricia Anthony on June 11, 2011 at 8:06am
I'm so glad to have a place to go! I may not fit the profile of a fan, but this spot lets you be you! I'm so grateful that Stephanie Meyers had the dream and was able to put it on paper. I can breathe again! to know i am not alone in this world of twilight!! Thank You again TwiFans for this! Love You Guys! 
Comment by Amy Arjes-Maddox on June 4, 2011 at 9:24pm
When I saw this  sight I thought it was awesome they made it so easy to figure out to set it up. The only thing I'm having trouble with is setting up my my player and  I don't know how to invite friends from the sight.But I love the sight it's great.I am a  very big twilight fan I have so much Twilight stuff and books I have read them all.I love the fantasy and being able to go into a whole other  world that only I can see and feel real in.I love Twilight Saga I am so gonna miss going to the theater and the excitement for the next one to come out.I look forward to all of  it.Stepenie Meyer  it's  amazing how you stumbled on to Twilight but Thank you I'm really glad  you did.
Comment by xoBellaxo on February 15, 2011 at 6:25am

I have turned a couple of ppl myself to twilight!

And the funny thing is i wasn'st a reader  myself i went to a bookstore to buy a book related to work and a 67 year old woman asked me Have you read the twilight saga i was  like isnt that for young ppl and she said try it u will fall hard and i tell ya i Fell the hardest  you could ever fall love took over everything  i love stephanie meyer for changing my life!

Comment by xoBellaxo on February 15, 2011 at 6:08am
Comment by xoBellaxo on February 15, 2011 at 6:05am

Hi my name is Michelle And im a mom of 4 kids all the ages 7 and under  and im the biggest Twilight fan ever! i came across alot of sites onlione but none added up to what i was looking for untill i found this site! I think its the coolestg site ever!

Im very infactuated with the twilight world that i wish it was all real *sighs* :(

Imespecially infatuated with my sweet sparkley love Edward! Im 31 yrs old and im Obbsessed and don't care lol  Tilight was the best thing that happened to me since my kids were born! Ive never had a hobbie in my life till now ive read all the books i think 3 times and know im listening to them on audio book lol anyways Twifans.com Rocks and i will always come here!



P.s Dont let age cut you off from what you love Live a little ....Live Alot!!


Comment by Eliza on February 1, 2011 at 6:17am

I wasn't a huge reader before discovering Twilight but I was absolutely Hooked...Drawn in!I am Obsessed to the point that there isnt a Day that goes buy without talking about it,going back to the books listening to the soundtracks,watching the Movies not to mention my ever growing collection of Merch....inc Edward Cullen Cut Out & Pocket Edward(s),Jasper & Alice!lol I Have Never be Fantical before but When I Met Peter Facinelli & Anna Kendrick when they were in Dublin I was Startstuck as well as Dumbstuck..I was such a Dork!lol I have met some Brilliant Girls through www.twifans.com & I dont think Im a Freak like My Friends think cause there is ALOT of Us! :) I'm Proud of my Twihardness......My Next Mission (Dream) is to Meet Rob but then again I would probably make a total idiot of Myself :P The Build Up to the Movies being Released is so Exciting Midnight Viewings etc I Dont know What I will do when its all over...hope SM will do something  Carlisle Related..A Prequel??Anyway Long Live Twifans xxxx

Comment by twicrazy on January 31, 2011 at 7:40pm
I too, became totally obsessed after reading the books. then came the first movie and OMG, of course I fell madly in love with Rob!  I started looking at sites on the internet. I was on stephanies site and she has listings of some twilight fan sites. I believe twi fans was there, and thats how I came upon it. You guys rock , Alison, you are the best Twilight site out there.  I check 1 or 2 others fairly regularly, but yours is every day without fail.  You always have the best and most current info and pics...thanks
Comment by STUPID LAMB :) ! on January 31, 2011 at 6:38pm
well ever since i saw the twilight preview i knew i had to read the books all of them before the movie came out ever since then my luv for Twilight has grown imensly i have everything there is like shirtsposter,pens,stickers, the works haha but when nobody else had read it at home i had to convince them this was the greatest books ever written ,then one day i was searching for twilight on google and stumbled upon www.Twifans.com and ever since i joined ive been able to express alll the love i have for My Twiobsession from going to all the Midnight releases and discussing it for hours to my mom and sisters to playing all the soundtracks daily im soo glad i found sum fellow twifans peace,luv& twilight :)
Comment by Jeanne Blodgett on January 31, 2011 at 6:33pm
I cannot put into words how much happiness Twilight has brought me.  I fell in love with the books after months of refusing to read them.  I was being stubborn and stupid but thankfully I finally gave in and read Twilight.  I was hooked about 10 pages in.  After i finished the book, i watched the movie and that is when I fell for Robert.  He is the most romantic character I have ever read or seen.  I have read all the books four times, and I listen to them on audio in the car.  I have watched all the movies many many times.  I read and watch all the  updates and I love this site because it has become my life line to the Saga.  I am a true Twiheart and I am so thankful for this community because everyone loves Edward and Bella and believe in the story.



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