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One day our lives were forever changed.  We thought we were being punked when people started congratulating us for getting to hang out with Stephenie Meyer.  It wasn't until we went to Stephenie's official website that there were 3 things we were absolutely certain of:

  1. Stephenie Meyer is the coolest thing on the planet to us (well after Rob/Edward).
  2. There was a part of us, and I didn't know how strong that feeling was, that wanted to wear jeans to the interview.
  3. We were irrevocably going to be Stephenie's best friends.


From The Goddess Stephenie Meyer (author of The Twilight Saga) herself:


         Hey Guys,

I want to do something different with publicity for this movie release. For Twilight, I did the normal press junket, for New MoonI got to go on Oprah. Both of these were fun,exciting experiences.
However, they both had the same drawback—the interviews were designed
for a very broad audience, and because of that, most of the questions
were about things you guys have known the answers to for years.I feel
like all of the basic questions have been answered, and for Eclipse I
want to focus on the more specific questions of the readers. To
accomplish that, I'm hosting my own mini-junket with a few fansites.It
will be held on Friday, June 18th, the week before the L.A.premiere.

Unfortunately, I can't talk to every single site, and I want to keep this as low key and enjoyable as possible. So I put all the U.S. fansites in a hat (for logistical reasons, we had to keept his in the country) and drew out four names.

The names I drew were:

  • Twilight Series Theories 
  • Twilight Source 
  • Twifans 
  • Letters To Twilight 

Each of these sites is invited to send two members of their staff(or one member and a guest) to our fan-centric mini-junket.You will be contacted shortly by my assistant, who will give you all the specific
information. In the event that any of the sites is unable to send
representatives, I've already drawn four back up sites, which I will
post if it becomes necessary.

I'll answer all of your questions (and your readers questions,if you want to poll them) about the Eclipse Movie, and the Bree story,as well, which will have been out for a few weeks by then.We'll have
lunch, hang out, and hopefully have a fantastic time. I hope you all
can make it!





And that is how are journey began....This page is to share our interview that spans tons of blogs in one centralized location.  Each blog has transcripts and audio from our interview, and some witty-ness from the's admins.  Enjoy!


First we wanted to know what you wanted to know from straight from vampire creator's mouth.  See all the questions you had for Mrs. Meyers here. 


Next we were whisked away to a secret location.  Now we can say it was LA at the same hotel as the Eclipse Convention.  We had to sign all kinds of official paperwork so they could "check us out" and make sure we weren't freaks and that we would keep everything quiet until 4 hours after we met the goddess.  This took several phone calls from Kim and I.  Hysterical phone calls "what do you think this means" and "we have no idea where they are taking us!"


After a couple weeks of preparation, which really means, no sleep, babbling to ourselves about the perfect questions, and most importantly shopping for the perfect outfit.  And a night in LA where these vampire lovers couldn't sleep.  Like kids going to Disneyland.  Kim fell asleep on her actual laptop!


It was finally four hours after our interview and we wanted to call all of you up on a conference call and tell you every little detail that we might forget...but instead of calling (and we were too excited to type)we did this.  We fangirled so hard.  We tried to stay calm, we seriously wanted to shout it from the rooftops.  "We spent 4 hours with Stephenie Meyer and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!" Here is a little tease.



 Right away all 4 fansites decided to post what we thought was the most important information and the most asked question.  What about Midnight Sun?

What we have all been dying for...Stephenie Meyer dishes on Midnight Sun!

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of emails, comments, and text messages we know have an answer straight from Stephenie and not filter or twisted by the media.


Fan Fiction and Stephenie's own fun writing

 We are huge fans of fan fiction.  We of course wanted to know is Stephenie secretly writing our favorite fics.  But we would never ask that in a million we wanted to know what she really thought of it.  Some authors are extremely flattered, some don't even know it exists, and well others aren't so fond of it.


Stephenie knows about fan fiction, she has even read some of it, and here is what she thinks of it.  And possibly a funny alternate Twilight fiction that might pop up on the Twilight author's website someday.

Stephenie Meyer talks 'Twilight' fan fiction &'Breaking Down'(her own private FF)

    Eclipse Movie deviations from the Eclipse book and New

Moon, Stephenie talks Robert Pattinson,

and what will Breaking Dawn be like with her as producer 

Boy that's a mouthful. This post was close to our hearts.  While we didn't want to bring up anything negative up to Stephenie during the interview, we did need to know what she thought on these items.  These are very big talking points on and we hoped that she wasn't insulted when we said"that Volvo is black!" and "what the hell was movie Bella thinking!?".


Stephenie, to our surprise, welcomed our questions with open arms (and a little bit of giggling).  We revealed in asking the hard hitting questions,knowing our members would get the interview they were dying for.

The Motorcycle Drive Off, The Wrong Volvo, Angryward, & Rob's Best Day On Set. PLUS! As producer, can Stephenie Meyer create a Breaking Dawn that’s closer to the book?


Stephenie's favorite flashback scene in Eclipse, What she thinks of Jasper's wig, Old Victoria and New Victoria, Fun she has on the set with Wyck Godfrey, and KStew knits


What you picture picture Stephenie doing on the sets of the movies?  We envision her fluffing Rob's hair but what she is really doing might crack you up.


WIGS, WIGS, WIGS...we call them wig-gate in the fandom.  In the first movie everyone had their own hair. It was bleached, or dyed, and quaffed but real.  After Twilight, New Moon started wig-gate.  Needless to say follicle issues have plagued us.  But from day one Jasper's hair has confounded us.  Does he look like a blond movie star type to you as described in the books?  Stephenie weighs in.

Continuity...something we strive for as fans. We want to be able to sit down and watch all four five movies in a day and feel like time has stood still in between.  We want our characters (some we have fought for *ahem* Jacob) to remain unchanged for continuity.  Well when Rachelle Lefevre was suddenly recast and replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard we about had a fandom melt down.  What does Stephenie feel about this...


Kristen Stewart knitting on the set of Eclipse,Jasper's Wig, AND what Stephenie Meyer thought of Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria


Does Eclipse send a positive message to teens about sex?  Stephenie dishes on Edward's chivalry when it comes to Bella's virtues and calls it "happy-time" 


 We call it happy time too Steph!  Kissing, kissing, and more kissing.  We love the push and the pull that poor Edward has to go though to actually make to "happy time".  Bella is very persistent little creature. *spoiler* Edward makes it though the hormones to the honeymoon.  Does this send a good message to teenagers?  We think so but what does Stephenie think. 


Stephenie Meyer talks Edward Cullen making Bella wait for "happy time" and Does she think Eclipse sends a good message?

Stephenie's Twilight Collection

We all have what we call Twilight treasure hunting trips and treasures.  My husband says it's starting to look a little serial-killer-shrine-ish.  But whatever!  If we can amass a collection that is taking over the spare rooms in our house, what kind of room or collection must the creator of Twilight have!?!

Where does Stephenie Meyer keep her Twilight Merchandise? Does she have a Twilight Room?



Do you ever wonder if Jacob and Edward met in a field and no one was there to stop the fight; who would actually win?  We did and we asked the only lady who could give us a real answer.


Will Edward Cullen go down in history like Romeo?  We wondered if Stephenie thinks of the character she created as a romantic icon.


Were we the only ones fighting to keep Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black?  Stephenie might have some puppy love for Tay! 


The Great Team Debate: Is Stephenie Meyer Team Edward or Team Jacob? Who Does Stephenie Think Would Win in a Physical Fight? How Does She Feel About Creating a Romantic Icon and More!!!


Stephenie's love for Edward and the Volturi

It was hard for Steph to write Edward going away in New Moon.  Yes, she likes him just as much as we do.  Or so we thought!!!  Would you say Edward is flawed and bratty?  Me?  NEVER!  But that's me.


Also Stephenie gabs with us all about the Volturi!!

Stephenie Meyer thanks Chris Weitz for Michael Sheen, Edward Cullen is kind of a brat, and much more!



Now that the "triangle" is over in Eclipse will see more of a focus just on Bella and Edward.  Stephenie says yes!  Team Edward girls are rejoicing and Team Jacob girls are seriously pissed right now *giggles*.  The abs aren't going anywhere but we must focus on the true love now.  Jacob has to wait for his...


Will the honeymoon be as steamy as we can get for PG-13?  We hope so.  After 5 books, and 3 movies of waiting we are jonesing for some EPIC honeymoon action. 


How does Mrs. Meyer see Breaking Dawn coming to life?  She let's us know her expectations for Breaking Dawn in this post.


Steamy 'Breaking Dawn' honeymoon talk with Stephenie Meyer, PLUS keeping it Edward & Bella focused

Official Twilight Guide


Why did it get delayed, back-ordered, and then dropped off the map leaving TwiFans utterly confused?  Stephenie let's us know the real story behind the delay.  But since then we have received an official release date of April 12th, 2011.  We would like to think our little question spurred on the release.  Please let us keep dreaming. asks Stephenie Meyer when the Official Twilight Guide will be published

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

Bree Tanner-The Newborn that didn't get a second chance gets her own back story.  While we love anything written by Stephenie...we tried to stay interested on this topic when our minds were filled with all the girl-talky-ness we wanted to have with Steph and her bestest girlfriend.  But for all you with unanswered questions about the little novella.  These are for you.


Is Deigo dead? What Rule did Bree Tanner Break? And more as talk Bree Tanner Novella with Stephenie Meyer

Part 2: Talks Bree Novella with Stephenie Meyer...Newborn Vamps


Still more to come!







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Comment by A. Hale on July 2, 2011 at 10:43am
Stephenie Meyer u r a genuis!!!!
Comment by Tabatha Colletti on June 7, 2011 at 9:42pm
I just wanna say you're the best ever when it comes to writing books. I hope you do go through with finishing and publishing Midnight Sun. I also would like to beg you to go on with the story after Breaking Dawn. Please there is just too much left hanging there like Renesmee and Jacob and of course there is are all time favorites Edward and Bella that I believe I speak for everyone when I say we can't get enough of. I understand if you would feel like your work is done after the movie but please if you won't write anymore than how about a tv series... I would tune in religously every week or day for that matter to watch. I'm very greatful for your work so far and would be greatful for your consideration of my ideas. Thanks For Every Thing!!!! Your Truest Fan
Comment by Cathryn Sian Delahaye on June 4, 2011 at 4:33pm
Awesome!  Absolutely love the books, boy you can write, and the movies are sooo faithful!  Here's hoping for more after Breaking Dawn xxx
Comment by Miranda Nichole Ford on May 21, 2011 at 7:20pm

will jacob and Renesmee have a future together perhaps in another book?


Comment by Alice Cullen Hale on May 6, 2011 at 8:45pm
has midnight sun been published yet?
Comment by Nereyida Ponce on April 6, 2011 at 3:18pm
I have never red so much. but when twilight saga came out I'm a freak about reading now :)
Comment by connie on February 21, 2011 at 2:21pm
keep staying totally rad
Comment by brandy lewallen on February 17, 2011 at 10:40am

you are awsome! i love your books and movies


when midnight sun is done ihope she write more of edwards story



Comment by Bell~Dilancie Coven~ on February 9, 2011 at 3:32pm
Oh my Gosh:) I would be so wonderfully blessed if i ever got the chance to spend four hours with the creator of such a wonderful series!! I can tell that you guys had a blast! :) I'm glad that this site got the opportunity to talk to her:) You guys are so dedicated and I'm so thankful that there are people like you running this site!! (:                                                                                --- Love Bella Linn Bryant
Comment by sheeba on February 8, 2011 at 10:25pm
Is there any another movie coming after Breaking Dawn? We would be pleased if you do so!
Comment by sheeba on February 8, 2011 at 10:23pm
Comment by on February 8, 2011 at 12:22am
you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your books and moves
Comment by praise on February 6, 2011 at 12:51pm

need more on Dr. Carisle and esme...and emmett...  i like to know there story.... and them a book for Edward bella and jacob and nessie all about there chances..  ( when bella turns let the story begin)!!!


stefanie meyers can write like three more books about the twilight series... and bring in more characters too... that would be kewl to read and see on a  movie.... 

Comment by Evaline Cullen on February 4, 2011 at 7:01am

i really hope she writes more books. i don't care if its still about the twilight saga, but i really think she's an amazing author and should keep writing books. i read the host and fell in love with it. *hope to read about Jacob and Nessie more* :)

Comment by MS.Sandra Black on January 30, 2011 at 7:02pm
Comment by Holly B. on January 22, 2011 at 2:42pm

when midnight sun is done ihope she write more of edwards story

Comment by sarah cullen on January 21, 2011 at 6:55am
i want from leah's or renesemee's...
Comment by elsa jasper's gurl on January 21, 2011 at 1:58am
Comment by ImPriNtEd*By*JaKe! on January 19, 2011 at 8:12pm
we need a book about jacob and nessies life together:)
Comment by THE SPARKLY DEMON on January 19, 2011 at 3:34pm



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