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See who else theyfeaturedinthe Twilight realm


'New Moon' fans camping outinWestwood

November14,2009 |  3:01pm

Fans hoping to get a glimpse of the "New Moon" castonpremiere-night Monday were camping out on the sidewalks ofWestwoodtoday, some arriving two days ago to be a part of thelatestinstallment in the "Twilight" vampire saga.

Alison Genet, 35, who drove from Gilbert, Ariz., was firstinline, having arrived Thursday at about 8:30 a.m.

"I couldn't get here fast enough," said Genet, who runsthesocial networking site"Iwant to be front and center when Monday comes around."

She isn't the only one. Hundreds of fans were camped alongLeConte Avenue at Broxton. Take a right and they're downWestwoodtoo. A left at Weyburn Avenue reveals even more"Twi-hards."

And they came prepared.

Read the full story here.



Raelynn Coombs, the Memphis Vampire Examiner, has featured for hersecond featured site on her Examiner page. It'sa very good article about how the site came to be and more sitehistory.


Raelynn says:
"With numerous Twilight fan sites and vampire related sites onthe web, you would think that they would all be somewhat identical,but there is one out there that has some uniqueness. Twifans offersits members the choice to have it their way. Owned by Alison Genet,Twifans gives its members the option to add their own content,photos, and video to the site. They can also make their own groups,forum questions, design their own page layout and chat live. Alisonsays, “We are like Burger King… have your Twilight YOUR way! AtTwifans, not only do the administrator’s blog, but the members dotoo. These are the things that Twifans has to offer that most othersites do not. Alison is one of the friendly Twilight site owners. Iknow this because when I first started my Twilight site, she wasvery kind and helpful to me! Read the Q & A below to find outhow you can contribute to Twifans and possibly have your own blogmaterial moved to their main page."
Read the full Q & A HERE linked to


E! News linked to twice!





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