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Blogging Etiquette for Bloggers!!!

If you copy a portion of another blog's post should you link to them?

Yes, blog manners dictates that you make every effort to credit the original source of the blog post, this should be done through a link. Linking is easy and should be linked to the exact page and not someone's homepage. Copy the address, highlight the word or words you want clickable, click the link button at the top of the blog box, paste the website address, and click add. When previewing your blog the words should be highlighted.
ALSO you should only copy 1 to 2 paragraphs or 350 words to make your point and link to the rest.

How do I embed a video?

Code goes in the HTML tab of the blog box. Copy the embed code, click the HTML tab, paste the code. if you did this properly, when you preview, you will see the player. Text can also be written in the HTML tab.

How much can you quote of another persons blog post?

Fair use allows for posts or portions of posts to be quoted, but you should not use more than 350 words or a couple paragraphs. Then link to where you found the quotes is very important.

If someone complains about having a blog post copied, what should you do?

The appropriate course of action would be to remove the offending post and replace it with text that explains why the post was removed. Or quote or link properly to make the original poster happy.

Why should you credit your sources?

Always credit the sources of your information. Attribution is important, it not only extends your credibility. Sources seeing that you give appropriate attribution will often reward you with additional information in the future. If you are the source then at the bottom of the blog say "The source is me."

How do I validate information?

Your blog is only as good as your source, so use good sources. All items should be confirmed prior to posting. Consider using two sources to verify that information is accurate prior to posting. Also always use credible sources. Second sourcing and relying on credible sources will ensure that posts are accurate.

I made a mistake, what should I do?

If you have a change of heart, or posted something that is not 100% accurate, apologize to your readers and correct the information as soon as possible. Put [Update] in the title to let readers know. If the mistake occurs in a blog post in addition to posting an apology, go back to the original post and strikeout the incorrect content and add a comment indicating why the post has been changed.

How should my posts be formatted?

Break posts into readable chunks. Generally the best posts are broken into multiple paragraphs. Be careful not to alienate readers by using ALL CAPS, this is considered "shouting" online and is thought of as very rude.

How does my blog get featured to the main page?

Blogs that are original with good sourcing and content usually make it to the main page. If your blog has been done by another member or has been done in the past it may not go to the main page but will be on the blog page.

How do I become a featured blogger?

Members that blog often and have good blogs become a featured blogger and stay one until we see new bloggers that are doing great work.




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