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TwiFans.com is a social networking site for anyone who loves the Twilight Saga. We are a community of twifans that love to interact with other twifans. We are a very friendly group. We range in ages from 13 to 60+. So join today and become part of the conversation.

There are several things to do and be involved in on this site.

Each member has their own personal page. You can decorate your own personal layout just like a myspace page. You can add applications like music players and games to your page. it's yours, do what want to make it special.

BLOG! We are a member based blog, which means, we supply, find, share news from personal experiences or things we have found around the world wide web. With each member being a potential blogger, we are very well informed on anything Twilight related.

We love to talk to each other in the real time so we have Live chat. We sometimes meet in there at certain times for a chat session on a certain subject. You might see people playing some of our favorite games in there. Like 'name that quote' or role playing with characters from the books. Join in the fun.

Have subjects you want to discuss over time? Start a discussion forum. We might have discussed something you are interested in so do a search first in case you find exactly what you were wanting to talk about. We all like Twilight so it's possible the same thing you are interested in, someone else is too.

Have ideas and activities you want to share with others. Start a group and invite you friends to join the group! Hold meetings in your own private meeting area online.

Love making videos? Twifans has it's own video player that embeds on any site platform. Make videos and send them to your friends or add to your twifans, myspace, or facebook page.

Gathered a 1,000 Twilight photos on your desktop? Load them into your virtual photo album on twifans and share your photos with your new twifriends.

Give your friends gifts...virtual gift giving is on of the many applications we all play with. Share music! Upload mp3 files on your music player and share your music with other members.

You can add music from other players to your own personal player. It's fun to share music we love.

Invite friends to be apart of twifans.com. It's a funplace to hang out and make twifriends for life. We are glad you are here and welcome to TwiFans.com.



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